Hybrex DK9-15

The Hybrex DK9-15 model presents all the core design and functional aspects of the DK9 series for use in the larger number of situations where fewer DSS keys are required and the information provided by a two line display is ample for the user. The LCD display is backlit with mid character sizing for good visibility and with two lines of 32 characters each provides the relevent information needed for a phone : caller ID, dialed number, call status, system messages, voicemail/message waiting, clock, and more. The 15 DSS keys are lit with bi-colour LEDs and system programmable for usage as DSS / BLF or system feature keys. The dial pad is easy to use as are the complement of dedicated function keys, making the DK9-15 a convenient and economical keyphone. As with other Hybrex digital series phones single pair only wiring is required.

Compatible with the newer Hybrex GDS and G1E+M systems with MPUN processor.
Compatible with previous GDS and G1E+M systems with MPU processor, with possible operational differences.
Compatible with G1E+ systems with possible operational differences.
Update of system software may be required for compatibility assurance.
NOT compatible with older Hybrex G1 and G2 systems.

  • Dual Line LCD Display shows
  • Absent Messages.
  • Call Logs.
  • Calling Party Number and Name.
  • CO Line Names.
  • Dialled Telephone Number.
  • Last Number Redial.
  • Phone / System Setting Values.
  • Speed Dial Directory.
  • Speed Dial Number.
  • Status of Operation/Function.
  • Time.
  • Voice Mail Message Notification.