Epygi remains at the forefront of the IP telephony industry due to their commitment to innovative product design and R&D . When buying an Epygi system you are not just buying a phone system,  you are investing into a powerful communications platform created to improving the efficiency and productivity of your business through innovative design and feature capabilities.

 Epygi Key Advantages

  • High performance IP PBXs and Gateway range
  • Systems ship with most system features included.
  • Epygi IP PBXs are compatible with all major SIP telephones and devices. (Yealink, Polycom, Mitel, Grandstream, Alcatel, Panasonic, Fanvil, Snom).
  • Configuration and maintenance simplified with auto-configuration and straightforward GUI interface.
  • Powerful network routing built-in
  • No annual maintenance cost for most feature licenses.
epygi installation australia

Epygi Installation Australia


The QX IP PBX line consists of Four models.

  • QX50
  • QX50 (ISDN4+)
  • QX200
  • QX2000

All QX products are compact, fully rack-mountable and contained in a metal enclosure. The new products are meant to mix and match for a fully customizable system to fit every consumer’s specific needs. With the purchase of a rack-mounting kit, the units also come with two DC power cables for power redundancy.

QX Gateways

With built-in auto-configuration, firewall and secure VPN support, the QX Gateways are designed for a more user-friendly experience. Epygi’s QX Gateways are SIP-compliant, and can be utilized to include additional FXO, ISDN, FXS, T1 or E1 ports to any of Epygi’s or other manufacturer’s IP PBXs. Integrating an Epygi QX Gateway with any QX IP PBX allows for the Gateway to be managed through the IP PBX’s GUI.

Office Integration

Epygi makes it simple for small enterprises to integrate telephony and surveillance equipment.

  • IP video phones make it easier to communicate with local and remote employees.
  • IP security cameras can be watched from video phones.
  • Door Access Control allows employees to speak to visitors and grant or deny them access.
  • Paging systems allow supervisors to make announcements to designated areas of the office.