Save on call costs: Call costs on VoIP lines are lower than standard lines, in some cases up to 75% cheaper.

Save on monthly line rental: With traditional phone lines you need a line for every simultaneous inbound/outbound call your business receives at one time. That is a line rental for every line plus the additional expense of a line hunt fee.

With VoIP lines you can have multiple simultaneous inbound/outbound calls delivered across a single broadband connection at one time on one phone number. The number of simultaneous inbound/outbound calls is dependent of your phone system and bandwidth, so If your phone system supports 8 x VoIP line registrations then you can have 8 simultaneous inbound/outbound calls. With VoIP lines, incoming calls hunt across all lines with the same registered number so there are no line hunt fees.

Do I need the NBN (National Broadband Network) for VoIP?

No.  VoIP works well on a good ADSL connection as well as business EFM or SHDSL services. If you do have high traffic on your current internet connection or your current internet is not the best quality, another DSL connection or new EFM connection may be an option.

 A major benefit of going to a VoIP service now, besides the cost benefits on your phone bill, is when the NBN becomes available in your area cutting your phone system across is as simple as taking the lead out of your current modem and plugging it into your new NBN hardware.

Other Advantages:

  • Keep your current phone numbers including number ranges
  • You can have multiple inbound and outbound calls at one time on one phone number
  • Features like Line Hunt and Caller ID free
  • Phone Numbers with any area code – Ever wanted a QLD number even if your business is in NSW? Now you can!
  • Number ranges (DID) available at greatly reduced costs compared to Telstra ISDN
  • Lines move with your hardware, no more waiting for Telstra when you’re moving office!

What if my broadband internet connection fails?

In the rare case of an internet failure, the VoIP servers will see there is no link to your VoIP hardware. All your calls are automatically diverted to a number you setup in your account so you are never off the air. This can be a mobile phone, PSTN line or even a GSM gateway attached to your phone system. When your internet service resumes, your VoIP service automatically un-diverts and phone calls resume as normal.