Contact Centre Solution to Enhance Business Efficiency and Client Satisfaction

Eclipse UC

Cloud PBX Contact Centre

Integrated with our Eclipse UC platform, the solution provides a robust range of Automatic Call Distribution (“ACD”) features as well as comprehensive statistics and reporting tools that are required for call center supervisors and agents to efficiently manage and monitor incoming calls.

  • Web based administration interface to configure and manage agents, ACD visual groups and supervisors
  • Powerful web provisioning tool to intuitively customize the ACD scenarios
  • Supervisor ACD console to manage agents’ interactions
  • Webchat functionality to assist your customers from any website
  • Feature-rich agent client application (web or native, with or without softphone)
  • Systematic call recording capability with recording browsing interface
  • Integrated IVR with skill language capability – provides options for caller’s choices in terms of agent specialization (e.g. select an agent that speak a particular language)
  • Callback service – allows a caller to hang up the call at a given moment, but still leaving the “call position” waiting in the queue and then be called back as soon as an agent becomes available.
  • ACD Wallboard to monitor realtime key performance indicators
  • Historical analytics and reports to monitor agents and ACD group performance
Eclipse UC

ACD Wallboard

The ACD Wallboard leverages the metrics provided by Enreach UP to display live information on ACD Queues and Calls, especially:

  •  Number of callers in queue
  •  Number of available agents
  •  Number of agents in a call
  •  Total of offered calls
  •  Total of handled calls
  •  Abandoned rate
  •  And much more!
ACD Contact Centre Wallboard
Eclipse UC

Call Analytics

My Call Analytics, enhances call analytics by providing detailed insights. The platform displays historical data for incoming and outgoing calls, including metrics like waiting time, abandoned calls, answered calls, and call duration at the enterprise level, across departments, and individual users. This enables businesses to gain valuable insights into potential workload issues or skill gaps among employees, empowering them to take proactive steps to enhance customer satisfaction. Additionally, the portal is customisable, allowing users to tailor the dashboard according to their specific monitoring needs.

Eclipse UC

Call Recording & Compliance

CallCabinet intergrate with the Eclipse UC platform to offer call recording and compliance solutions to help businesses meet regulatory requirements, protect sensitive information, improve customer interactions, and leverage data for better decision-making.

  • Unlimited audio recording storage
  • Compliance for Every Industry
  • Endless Power and Storage
  • Advanced call playback and tagging
  • Agent and/or Team Grouping
  • Intelligent Recording
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