Business Internet Services

Metcom offers a range of business grade internet services from various carriers in Australia. The below chart is a performance comparison of all the internet services Metcom offers.

NBN Fibre Connection
EFM 8 Wire
EFM 6 Wire
EFM 4 Wire
ADSL 2+ with Annex M
  • NBN Internet & Voice

    The NBN is an Australia wide project with the intention of upgrading our current phone and internet lines. In short, calls will be easily connected, voices will be clearer, connecting to business partners on the other side of the country will be a simpler process and video chatting to your kids when they’re traipsing through the Australian outback will be as easy as 1,2,3.

    Interested in connecting to the NBN but not sure where to start? Contact Metcom today! Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you with migrating your phone and computer system over to the fast and reliable NBN and provide ongoing support (both at your place of business and over the phone) to ensure a smooth transition.

    You can also check out the NBN coverage map HERE to see if your business is eligable.

  • EFM

    EFM (Ethernet First Mile) is an internet connection between the telephone exchange and a customer’s premises over several copper pairs of wires. The biggest advantage of an EFM over an ADSL2+ connection is its ability to send data at the same same speed as receiving data with each up and down data stream not impacting each others speed.

    This is an ideal connection for companies who need greater uploads speeds or wish to share there data/voice/video on the one connection but have no access to the NBN fiber network.

  • ADSL2 + Annex M

    One of the biggest disadvantages Australians have with ADSL2+ is upload speed. Video and Voice internet services rely on upload speeds just as much as download speeds. But sadly standard ADSL2+ can only upload at 1mbps. And when down so, it impacts the download speed of the connection.

    Annex M is a feature that a handful of Australian internet providers such as iinet offer to there business connections.

    Annex M provides the same ADSL2+download speed, but much higher upload speed:

    Perfect exchange distance with normal ADSL2+ = Download 24 Mbit/s, Upload 1.0 Mbit/s
    Perfect exchange distance with ADSL2+ Annex M = Download 24 Mbit/s, Upload 3.5 Mbit/s