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Epygi IP Phone Systems

IP PBX VoIP systems for small to large businesses

IP PBX systems are a VoIP phone system solution where the phone system is kept on premises. The PBX unit is kept onsite and controls your telephony locally.

Although the initial cost outlay for an IP PBX system is more than the cloud alternative due to the additional hardware requirements, they can be more cost effective long term for larger organisations as they work of a per line costing as opposed to the per user costing of a Hosted PBX system. All inclusive call plans start at $99.00 a month.

Epygi makes one of the most robust solid-state IP PBX appliances. Epygi markets a very complete line of feature-rich IP PBX units. Using its own IP PBX call manager software based on the SIP standard, Epygi combines telecommunications network knowledge with emerging computer telephony protocols and state of the art electronic design to deliver a robust Voice over Internet Protocol utility.

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Epygi IP PBX Features

Epygi Softphone Application - eQall

eQall is Epygi’s award-winning softphone available for Microsoft Windows and for mobile devices using iOS* and Android. With its easy-to-use interface it functions much the same way as any Epygi supported full-featured desk phone would. eQall is an optional feature add on to the QX IP PBX systems.

  • Easy provisioning after scanning the QR code
  • Up to 20 Multi Programmable Keys
  • PC or Mobile Interface
  • Supports basic calls, blind and attended call transfers, 3-way calls, call waiting, call hold, voice mail indication, and other standard call features.

Click here for detailed eQall specifications

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Epygi IP PBX Features

Comparison Table

Features UC80 QX20 QX50 QX200
Analog phones 8 0 2 2
IP Phones 40 12 16 24
Additional IP Phones with Keys 152 20 32 176
Total phones 200 32 50 202
Concurrent calls 8 6 16 64
FXO PSTN ports 0 0 2 4
Ethernet LAN ports 1 1 1 1
WAN ports 1 1 1 1

Click Here for QX IP PBX Comprehensive Features and Comparison Table

Epygi IP PBX

SIP Trunking Pricing Plans

Epygi SIP Trunk Unlimited

Suitable when multiple DID are required
  • Unlimited Calls to Landline, Mobile, 13/1300
  • 10 x DID Numbers
  • Minimum of 4 Lines/Channels
  • Additional Channels $35.00 Each*
$ 38.50 .00/Mth Per Channel*

*T&C Apply. Epygi plan pricing above is strictly for Epygi IP PBX systems supplied and managed my Metcom.