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The Yealink WH6 DECT Wireless Headset Series, the Essential DECT Wireless Headsets (WH62 & WH63), and the Premium DECT Wireless Headsets (WH66 & WH67) are new generation headsets, combining a highly compact design with a rich voice communication performance. They are dedicated to all users of private or coworking spaces. Besides providing users with an immersive voice communication experience, the WH66 & WH67 multi-functional UC Workstation also bring enhanced features that help users to redefine their workspace in terms of boosting productivity and work flexibility.

Essential DECT Wireless Headsets for improving productivity in coworking spaces
Always get interrupted at work? With the Yealink Essential DECT Wireless Headsets WH62 & WH63, interruptions will no longer be an issue for users who want to stay focused at work, especially with the use of the Yealink branded Busylight, providing a visual cue and indicator that help to reduce distractions and eliminate interruptions. Plus, with Yealink DECT technology, users are able to move around the office without losing their calls, with up to 160 meters’ mobile range and up to 14-hour talk time, which brings greater flexibility to your daily communication.

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Premium WH6 Series for intelligent, flexible, and seamless business communications
Need to work on a range of devices from PCs, mobile phones, to desk phones? The Yealink premium DECT Wireless Headsets WH66 & WH67 X UC Workstation give users the possibility and flexibility to connect devices, and manage communications from a single device, and also act as a hub that integrate a full-duplex speakerphone, fast charging wireless mobile phone dock, 4 inch touch console, and high speed USB hubs which, together offer incredible set of features allowing you to meet, connect and collaborate seamlessly and intelligently.

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Deliver HD Voice with Noise-canceling Microphones
Before noise reduction After noise reduction With Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology, dereverberation, and full-duplex features, the noise-canceling microphone, and a speakerphone (only comes with the premium sets), users can hear and be heard clearly without distractions, whether you make/receive calls from a PC, smart phone, or desk phone. Users have different preference with headsets. The Yealink WH6 Series Headsets have a lightweight designed, and offer 3 wearing styles, namely, mono, dual, and convertible options ensuring for all-day comfort.


Broad Compatibility with Mainstream UC Applications
Thanks to the wide compatibility of the WH6 Series, users can enjoy a consistent call experience across UC platforms, which promises better voice quality, higher productivity and lower IT costs. Certified for Microsoft Teams, the series provides a Teams version with a dedicated Teams button for activating Microsoft Teams with one touch.

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