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Features & Benefits

What is a Cloud Hosted PBX?

A Hosted PBX is a type of business phone system that operates in the cloud. It uses internet protocols (IP) to deliver voice, video, and data communication services. The Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) functionality is hosted and managed by a third-party service provider, rather than being installed and maintained on-premises by the end-user. Hosted Phone Systems offer a range of features such as call forwarding, call transferring, voicemail, call waiting, and auto-attendant, allowing companies to streamline their communication processes. Additionally, because it operates over the internet, a cloud phone system is more flexible and scalable than traditional PBX systems making them perfect or small business or large enterprises and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

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60+ PBX Functions as Standard

Eclipse Features

A large range of certified handsets from the biggest manufacturers including Yealink, Poly and Jabra.
Control your Eclipse account and phone in any compatible web browser. Monitor your enterprise and see who is available. Use the browser to initiate a call from your handset.
With the Eclipse desktop application, begin to make and receive phone calls on the desktop client, begin a video collaboration session, start instant messaging and control your presence and availability all on your Windows PC, Mac or Linux PC. Requires Premium User License.
Take your desk phone on the road with the Eclipse UC mobile app, with minimal battery drain technology exclusive to Eclipse. Control your presence and forwarding rules with the applications intuitive UI. To ensure that you never miss a call, your calls can be routed to your mobile number when mobile data is not available area. The Eclipse UC mobile application is available on both Apple App Store and Android Google Play. Requires Premium User License
The Phone Management tool allows the user to decide from which terminal he wants to place his outgoing calls. The phones programmable presence keys can also be customized
With the phone switch feature, you are able to seamlessly change from one of your handsets to the other whilst on a call. When leaving the office, simply continue the conversation by switching from your desk phone to your mobile device with nil interruptions. Requires Premium User License.
Communicate within your Eclipse platform with the built-in instant messaging service. Send messages directly to parties within the enterprise and receive messages on your desktop and mobile app. Requires Premium User License.
Presence Management allows you to select your state between several profiles including Available, Working, Meeting, Lunch, Travelling, Training, Away, Sick or Holidays. Presence state is visible to everyone and allows the user to set customized presence messages and forwarding rules. Presence states can be set by calendar and will automatically change when in a video conference.
Call recording on Eclipse comes with two options. On the fly recording allows you to start recording your call at a click of a button. Systematic recording will record all inbound and outbound calls.
Switchboard is an interactive advanced attendant console for switchboard roles. The intuitive interface, with ergonomic design allows in-house or outsourced receptionists to efficiently manage customer calls. Requires Switchboard License add on.
UCC connect allows the integration of telephony into many CRMs, Cloud Accounts, Software and Web Browsers. It enables the user to make a call in one click and have a clients information displayed on incoming calls to increase productivity. Click to dial makes calling from your web browser or CRM simple. Requires UCC Connect License add on
The Eclipse UC video conferencing and collaboration solution allows users to organize video conferences with desktop, screen and files sharing. Fully integrated into Eclipse UC suite, a user can launch a 100-participant meeting room with the click of a button. Participants can join from anywhere on any Zoom supported device, PC or smartphone. Requires Eclipse VC License add on
Notifications of new voicemails will be emailed directly to you. You can choose to have the voicemail audio files attached.
Visual Voicemail allows you to listen to and manage voicemails and greetings on your handset, desktop application and mobile device. Dial out feature allows the caller to dial out to a substitute.
Extension Groups allows several users to be a part of an extension group allowing calls to ring on multiple handsets with multiple ringing methods. The group members can share a common shared voicemail box. There is no limit to how many extensions groups you have on Eclipse.
Incoming callers can be directed to a specific extension group or user with a customised Auto Attendant. Switching from day to night mode can also be automated through the attendant.
Calls are forwarded to another destination or voicemail based on manual or auto forwarding rules. Call forward rules are based on your calendar and presence state.
Screen your calls options by caller type and condition, with options including: only receiving calls from particular known callers, blocking specific phone numbers, or sending specific phone numbers directly to voicemail. Screening can include asking the caller to identify themselves with the caller then automatically placed on hold.
Give your callers calls the option of how they wish to be directed. The personal Away Attendant can route your caller depending on choices made from the interactive audio menu.
Call queuing keeps the inbound call on hold with audible music until you answer. You can setup personal queue sizes and when the customer will be redirected to voicemail or elsewhere.
The Call Back feature allows a caller to be called back when the user is not available.
Call Park allows you to hold calls in a shared virtual location. Users can retrieve the parked caller with the press of a key.
Boss-Secretary is a filtering feature where filtered calls to the boss can be automatically redirected to the boss secretary assistant.
Paging lets users make one-way announcements to multiple desk phones and supported paging devices.
Hosted PBX Systems

What are the Requirements?


Eclipse Hosted PBX

Pricing & Plans


Eclipse Basic Cloud Hosted Phone System Plan

Perfect for Small Business & Office Based Workers
  • Eclipse Standard License
  • Unlimited Calls to Landline, Mobile, 13/1300
  • Standard Eclipse Features
  • IP Handset Required
  • Remote Configuration
  • 1 Month Free PBX Management**
$ 22 .00Ex/Mth*

Eclipse Premium Cloud Hosted Phone System Plan

Premium Service Package with PBX Management
  • Eclipse Premium License
  • Unlimited Calls to Landline, Mobile, 13/1300
  • Mobile & Softphone Included
  • Premium Eclipse Features
  • PBX Management Included
$ 29 .00Ex/Mth*

Eclipse Platinum Cloud Hosted Phone System Plan

The Full Service Package, Let Metcom Take Care of Your System!
  • Eclipse Premium License
  • Unlimited Calls to Landline, Mobile, 13/1300
  • Mobile & Softphone Included
  • Premium Eclipse Features
  • Unlimited Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
$ 40 .00Ex/Mth*

Grandstream Hosted PBX
Cloud Hosted PBX

Premium Handset Plan

If you prefer not to outlay equipment costs upfront for the system, Metcom now offer simple plans that include handset rental. Our premium handset plan includes,

  • 1 x Grandtream GXP2614/16 IP Phone with Wi-Fi, Makes working remotely easy!
  • 1 x Eclipse Cloud PBX Premium License
  • Unlimited Calls to Landline, Mobile, 13/1300 Numbers
  • PBX Management Included
  • 36 Month Contract
$ 35 .00Ex/Mth*
Grandstream Standard Ecllipse
Cloud Hosted PBX

Standard Handset Plan

If you prefer not to outlay equipment costs upfront for the system, Metcom now offer simple plans that include handset rental. Our standard handset plan includes,

  • 1 x Grandstream GRP2612 IP Phone (Optional Wi-Fi Model Available) working remotely easy!
  • 1 x Eclipse Cloud PBX Premium License
  • Unlimited Calls to Landline, Mobile, 13/1300 Numbers
  • 1 Month Free PBX Management included
  • 36 Month Contract
$ 30 .00Ex/Mth*
Cloud Hosted PBX

Basic Handset Plan

If you prefer not to outlay equipment costs upfront for the system, Metcom now offer simple plans that include handset rental. Our basic handset plan includes,

  • 1 x Grandstream GRP2602 (Optional Wi-Fi Model Available)
  • 1 x Eclipse Cloud PBX Standard License
  • Unlimited Calls to Landline, Mobile, 13/1300 Numbers
  • 1 Month Free PBX Management included
  • 36 Month Contract
$ 25. 00Ex/Mth*

*T&C Apply. One off system programming charge of $199.00 + $25.00 per handset applies. ** Metcom will manage the Cloud Hosted Phone System for 1 month at no charge. Management and changes will incur charges after the 1 month period. Phones will be shipped programmed for self installation. Please contact Metcom if you would like an installation quote.

Eclipse Cloud Hosted PBX System

How does the Eclipse platform work?

Eclipse is a cloud based Unified Communications platform offering businesses an intuitive and easy to use application, that allows access to over 60 PBX features as standard designed specifically for end-users so there’s no need for training or specialised skills to manage your business. It is the industry leading Cloud Hosted Phone System

When used in standalone mode, Eclipse softphone converts the computer into a multifunctional IP phone. Allowing the end-user to make, receive and manage calls and instant message communications with a single click.

In tandem mode (web or desktop) with the IP phone, Eclipse enables the user to control calls from their computer or their IP phone or Mobile device. They can for example place a caller on hold and transfer to an employee from their mobile device. Eclipse is available on Windows, Linux, iOS and Android devices.

Virtual PBX

A virtual PBX (also known as cloud, hosted, or IP PBX) solution without the expense

Clear Communication

Choose from state-of-the-art VoIP phones or use your current devices

Endless Opportunities

Communicate anywhere from any device

Team Collaboration

Team messaging software that works the way you do with video, file sharing, tasks, and more

Video Conferencing

Connect, share, and collaborate with Eclipse VC meetings and video conferencing

Mobile & Softphone

Work from anywhere and/or connect remote users from home or on the road with the office with integrated mobile & softphone applications

Hosted PBX Hardware

Eclipse Certified IP Phones & Headsets

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