T5 Series by Yealink

Feature product
Yealink T5 Business IP Phone Series with Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

With the Yealink T5 Business Phone Series, seven new models are introduced to cover different demands. Ergonomic design with larger LCD displays, the Yealink T5 IP Phone Series is specially developed for users to optimize visual experience, by utilizing the fully adjustable HD screen based on varied lightings, heights and sitting positions. This flexible function enables users to always maintain the best angle of view.

With the exclusive Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, a virtual voice is embedded in each IP phone of T5 Business Phone Series. Yealink Acoustic Shield technology uses multiple microphones to create the virtual shield between the speaker and the outside sound source. Once enabled, it intelligently blocks or mutes sounds from outside the shield so that the person on the other end hears you only and follows you clearly. This technology dramatically reduces frustration and improves productivity.

Featuring advanced built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the high technology in the Yealink T5 Business Phone Series creates the industry-leading connectivity and scalability for its users to explore. The T5 Series supports wireless communication and connection through wireless headsets and mobile phones. Additionally, it is ready for seamless switching of call between desktop phone and cordless DECT headset via a corded-cordless phone configuration.

The Yealink T5 Business Phone Series is redefining Next-Gen personal collaboration experience. The value of a desktop phone is redefined. More possibilities to discover, to explore and to redefine.